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What's going on with Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes, from day to day...

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Genesis 15 song - "Can you count the stars?"

I'm writing a song to go with God's promise to Abram / Abraham in Genesis 15 and Genesis 22.

Here are some words:

"Can you count the stars in the sky?
Can you count the sand by the sea?
There's so much sand
and so many stars
that's how your offspring will be!"

And Abram believed God
for what he could not see
and God said faith is what you need
to be counted right with me!

Lyrics by David Heath-Whyte, Copyright 2014 Maynard's Groovy Bible Tunes

There are more words to come - but you'll have to wait a little while. We're trying it out on Sunday at church.

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How to find "Hush! There's a baby..." on iTunes

Hush there's a baby - on iTunes

The YouTube Hit "Hush! There's a baby..."
is also available on iTunes,
in its new re-mixed and re-mastered 2013 version!

And you can get it on Google Play and on Amazon:

Get Hush! There's a baby on Google Play

and listen to it on Spotify

listen to Hush! there's a baby on Spotify

Don't forget - the best place to get it is right here! Listen on the Jukebox, get the MP3s and Videos from the store.

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"It's Treasure" - Actions / Motions, at last!

Went on the website this morning to check the actions for "It's treasure", and... there weren't any!


So - after successfully doing actions with KS1 at school this morning, I've now put them up on the Jukebox - "It's treasure" on the Jukebox

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New Song - "We Sing Hosanna"

 I didn't have a chance to write any new songs before Easter this year, but I've had a short break afterwards, and so here's a new song for next Easter!

"We Sing Hosanna!" is for Palm Sunday. It takes a look at the different things that people said about this man "riding on a donkey" - Zechariah (Matthew 21:5), the "city" (Matthew 21:10), and the chief priests (and teachers of the law - but it was too hard to get them in! - Matthew 21:15). Lined up against them is the response of the disciples - the joyful "Hosanna!" for the Son of David, the King (Matthew 21:9,15).

Anyway - I've just finished recording the song, so now I've got to do the sheet music, package it all up, and get it online.

Update (12 Apr 2013)

It's now online, and here are the links:

Jukebox: www.maynardsgroovytunes.co.uk/jukebox/wesinghosanna

Store: www.maynardsgroovytunes.co.uk/store/catalogsearch/result/?q=wesinghosanna

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Another new Christmas song: "Let's Jump with Joy!"

 ... is on its way.

In fact, both new songs are recorded and will be on any "Facts not Fairy Tales" CD ordered from today!

I've just got to sort out the Sheet Music some time before I can get the MP3 files out...

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