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New children's songs for Christian kids of all ages - for you to use in Sunday School, Bible Clubs, Church meetings, VBS, School Assemblies and so on - for free!

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Wake Up! There's a new song...

Wake Up (Action Stations, Bible Time!) Song

A song for when you're getting ready to read the Bible - great for actions / motions - lots of fun. Based on Psalm 119:105 and 2 Timothy 3:16

Listen on the Jukebox :: Watch the YouTube Vid :: Download MP3s, Sheet Music, Videos

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Party Party! - free MP3 for February 2015

Party Party - Kids enjoying singing Jesus songs

"Party, Party!" - where? "The Kingdom of God is where it's found!"
Our Lord Jesus was fond of parties - he went to them, and he told stories about them - and in this song you can sing about them!
You can get the MP3 download for free for February 2015
Here are the clicky things: Listen on the Jukebox, Get the Sheet Music, Download from the Store

This song is great for a series at Sunday School, in Assembly, or for a Holiday Club / VBS / Backyard Bible club

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Easter Idea #2 - 53v6

Bible Songs for EasterWhat's going on at Easter? Why did Jesus have to die?
These are the kind of questions Children want to know, and Sunday School teachers want to help them with!

God explains it all through the Old Testament, and one very special place is in Isaiah, chapter 53, verse 6: "We all, like sheep, have gone astray; we've turned, each one, to his own way; and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all"
But what is "iniquity"? And who is "Him"? This song explains!
Have a listen on the Jukebox - Get "53v6" on the Easter CD - Download the Sheet Music & MP3s - Watch the YouTube Video

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Sunday School Song for Easter - idea #1

Good Friday

I know it's only January, but if you're looking for Kids' Bible Songs to sing for Easter - here's a great suggestion: "Good Friday" is an catchy and easy song, going through the main events of Good Friday - a Bad, Sad, and Mad day, but in the end, a great day!
Click here to hear it on the Jukebox :: Click here to download "Good Friday" MP3 or PDF from the Store :: Click here for the Easter CD :: Watch the "Good Friday" YouTube Video

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David, St Albans, AL2 2JU, on 2013-04-25
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We Sing Hosanna! Songs for Easter

Palm Sunday through Good Friday to Easter Day and beyond: what happened to Jesus? What does it all mean? What difference does it make?! How is it possible to have so much fun singing about Jesus?! 12 songs for kids that are fun, funky and unforgettable.


Listen to the songs now on the Jukebox: "We Sing Hosanna! Easter Songs"  - and buy the CD now in the store!

Sheet Music now available shipping worldwide from the MGBT store, and Amazon.co.uk

Also available on iTunes - click here! and Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk for CD and downloads.

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Do Ya Know the Bible?! Video + Motions / Actions

Do you read the Bible - Youtube VideoDo you? Jesus once had to answer a question from people who thought they did... but it turned out they didn't. What a big mistake!* After all, the Bible is so brilliant it makes you want to sing...!

Check out the YouTube Video (with Boris doing actions), listen to "Do ya know the Bible?!" on the Jukebox, and get the download or the CD from the store.

*Matthew 22:29

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